* indicates prerequisite required


Advanced Leather Binding Restoration*
April 10-11, 2014

New Cloth Binding Construction
May 15-16, 2014

Introduction to Book Restoration
June 19-20 OR July 24-25, 2014

Advanced Cloth Binding Restoration*
September 11-12
, 2014

The Art of Fabric Marbling
September 29, 2014

Beginning Paper Marbling
October 2-3, 2014

Miniature Books: Creation & Craftsmanship
October 4, 2014

Clamshell Box Making
October 9-10, 2014

Introduction to Paper Repair
October 23-24, 2014

* = prerequisite required

Call 540-662-2683
or e-mail to register

All workshops are “hands on.”

Cost of materials included unless otherwise noted.

Full written instructions included for everything taught in workshops.

Spacious, fully equipped teaching facility.

Advance payment of tuition is required.

Cancellations less than seven days prior to the workshop will require that an administrative fee of approximately 20% of the workshop tuition be withheld from the tuition refund.

Instructors with 50+ years combined experience.


Holiday Inn Express 540-667-7050 is located on Route 522 at Route 37 and is about 5 miles from the bindery.

Econo Lodge North 540-662-4700 This is located north of Winchester on Route 37 and is about 6 miles from the bookbindery.

Comfort Inn 540-667-8894 Located on Route 37 north of Winchester near the Econo Lodge.

Courtyard Marriott 540-678-8822  This is south on Rte. 37 at the Rte. 50 interchange and is about 6 miles from us.

Hilton Garden Inn 540-722-8881 This is on the east side of Winchester convenient to I-81 and about a 20 minute drive to the bindery.

Hampton Inn and Conference Center 540-678-4000
Near I-81 on the east side of Winchester and is about a 20 minute drive to the bindery.


School for Bookbinding Arts
Cat Tail Run Hand Bookbinding

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DATES: Sept. 29 - Oct. 4, 2014

Featuring Guest Artists Regina & Dan St. John
of Chena River Studios, Amherst, Mass.

The Art of Fabric Marbling: Sept. 29-30, 2014
Beginning Paper Marbling: Oct. 2-3, 2014
Miniature Books: Creation & Craftsmanship: Oct. 4, 2014



The Art of Fabric Marbling--September 29-30, 2014 ....In this course, students will learn to prepare the paints, bath, and fabrics in order to produce beautiful marbled fabrics. During the busy two-day workshop, marblers will learn to work successfully with small and large pieces of fabric, to anticipate typical fabric marbling snafus, and to set up an inexpensive fabric marbling tank at home.  Both experienced and inexperienced marblers are welcome, and, while it is not necessary to have taken the Beginning Paper Marbling course, those who do will absolutely benefit from having the experience.   All students will return home with amazing wearable, frame-able, or quiltable marbled fabrics that are themselves works of art.
Students may bring their own fabrics, but special preparation to these fabrics is necessary well ahead of the time they are needed in order for them to accept marbling.  The information and guidelines for doing these preparations is available upon request.

$275 + $50 materials fee...............................Instructors: Regina & Dan St. John 

The $50 studio fee will provide each student with the pigments used within the workshop as well as one scarf and some smaller fabric pieces (all of cotton). Students may also purchase prepared fabrics during class to marble, including the more challenging and exciting silks.

Samples of marbling on fabric:

Sample Patterns from the Beginning Paper Marbling Class:

Beginning Paper Marbling--October 2-3, 2014....You will learn many traditional combed patterns plus the time-honored stone pattern. Everyone may reasonably expect to create 25-35 papers. This course includes numerous extras such as instruction in edge marbling of book pages and marbling on materials other than paper, such as leather or wood.

$275 + $45 materials fee................................Instructors: Regina & Dan St. John


Miniature Books: Creation & Craftsmanship--October 4, 2014....Miniature books represent a centuries-old tradition in western bookbinding. Don't be tempted to think a book's diminutive size is indicative of a scaled-down binding experience. On the contrary, miniature books offer an unparalleled perspective and avenue of craftsmanship for the beginning and experienced binder alike. Join us in learning a vareity of small book styles plus a host of tips and techniques for crafting miniature bindings that you'll no doubt find useful for working with books of all sizes.

$175 + $30 materials............Instructors: Dan St. John, Jill Deiss, Susan McCabe

Telephone Cat Tail Run Hand Bookbinding at 540-662-2683 for more information about our courses.



Our series of bookbinding workshops is designed to meet the needs of book dealers, collectors, and those interested in learning the craft of hand bookbinding.


Introduction to Book Restoration -- $235

This course teaches a wide variety of skills that are immediately useful for the repair of cloth & leather bindings and also serves as a foundation for later courses. Techniques taught include: repairing damaged corners, endcaps, and splitting joints; toning of discolorations; improving the surface of leather bindings. Such techniques present unique challenges to the beginning book restorer, and this workshop ensures that students get off to a good start. This course is a pre-requisite for Advanced Cloth Binding Restoration and for Advanced Leather Binding Restoration.


Introduction to Paper Repair -- $265

Learn basic techniques for the repair of paper, specifically book pages: tear repairs, tape removal, some stain removal and flattening. Also included will be a history of paper making and an overview of printing media.




Advanced Cloth Binding Restoration, "The Cloth Reback" $265

The cloth reback is a significant technique, returning cloth bindings to a condition and look very near to what they were before they fell into disrepair. Beginning Cloth Binding Restoration (offered every June) or Beginning Leather Binding Restoration (offered every July) provides adequate preparation for this workshop. Prerequisite: Introduction to Book Restoration.

Advanced Leather Binding Restoration, "The Leather Reback" $265

The leather reback is the companion repair to the cloth reback, but for leather bindings. Because leather is a very different material from cloth, students will find the leather reback to be another challenging and exciting technique to learn and to master. Prerequisite: Introduction to Book Restoration.



New Cloth Binding Construction $265

Students will learn to construct three different styles of covers (two hard cover styles and one flexible cover style). We teach typesetting with moveable brass type to provide students a Gutenberg-like experience as they set type and title their new bindings. We believe in teaching solid bookbinding technique which allows students to forge a solid skill-set which serves them well as they move to more complex bookbinding structures.


Clamshell Box Construction $265

Students will learn the craft of creating custom-fit clamshell boxes. We teach the same clamshell box that we make for our clients, featuring perfect tolerances between the box components resulting in a box that will not gape open. We share all the tricks we know to help you make beautiful clamshell boxes that provide optimum storage for their contents. Other styles of protective enclosure are shown and discussed.



Courses in the Masters Series include New Leather Bindings, Leather Reback Intensive, Advanced Clamshell Box Construction, Book Sewing Intensive, and Advanced Titling & Gold Leaf Tooling. Certain prerequisites apply from the Introductory & Advanced Restoration Courses and from the General Bookbinding Courses. Inquire for more information.


The School for Bookbinding Arts is committed to providing quality training in the craft of hand bookbinding. Its ongoing series of two-day workshops is designed to teach techniques that are immediately useful to the student as well as to create a solid foundation of skills for further bookbinding study. The curriculum includes both basic and advanced courses that are geared toward the needs of book dealers, collectors and anyone interested in learning the art of hand bookbinding. Each workshop features demonstrations of the techniques being taught coupled with ample supervised practice time for the student. A complete package of printed notes accompanies each of the workshops to aid the student in assimilating the body of information being presented.

Workshops are taught in the studios of Cat Tail Run Hand Bookbinding near Winchester, Virginia, which is a fully operational hand bookbinding and book restoration facility established in 1991 by Jill Deiss, who serves as the chief instructor for The School for Bookbinding Arts. The teaching staff also includes Dee Evetts, Bill Deiss, Susan McCabe, Amy Jackson, Anna Barnes and Victoria Mercer.